11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off
11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Disney’s got some big plans involving Star Wars, their latest hot stock. With Rogue One proving to be a major success (anybody else still gets goosebumps when they think about those last five minutes?) and a Han Solo spinoff already in production, we can be sure that these two “anthology” stories will not be the last of their kind. Star Wars characters

When Disney bought out Lucasfilm for the mere price of $4 billion, they got an entire galaxy, filled with tons of characters and countless backstories to dive into. As the Mouse House has already announced, their Anthology films will not necessarily be directly linked to the original movies; however, they will feature some of the main characters from the franchise.

For example, in Rogue One, the first Star Wars spinoff, the story focuses on how the Rebel Alliance received the Death Star plans, a vital tool in their eventual victory over the Empire. How they got the plans are not revealed in A New Hope, but now we know thanks to the Anthology film.

There are so many entertaining characters in this galaxy far, far away that can be played with here. From the three trilogies, the TV shows, the comic books, and the other various forms of Star Wars characters stories, there’s an entire population just waiting to be explored – and now there’s a way to do it!

A lot of us are excited about the upcoming Han Solo movie, but we can’t help but look forward to what’s going to come afterward. Here are 10 more characters very deserving of their own spinoff show. WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Star Wars characters

1. Yoda

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Do or not, there is no attempt. Yoda turned to six of the nine movies, it seems that Yoda’s story was covered in the movies. But at 900 years, we only scratch the surface.

Yoda is a fan favorite and, as one of the most powerful Jedi he has ever lived, it is not surprising that he is. With the popularity of “the child” or Baby Yoda, there is no doubt if a program on Yoda would do well in the ratings.

2. Kylo Ren 

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

One of the worst endings for a character comes Rise of Skywalker where the team lost the potential of Kylo Ren as a character. From unnecessary redemption to forced romance with Rey, this popular character also died like a punk.

Kylo is an amazing character, with complex backgrounds, powerful Jedi abilities and Skywalker’s blood running through his veins that have a lot of potentials. A show where we see a young Kylo before joining the dark side similar to Anakin in the prequels could help us understand Kylo. Also the battles he would fight and the adventures would be a great show.

3. Mace Windu

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Mace Windu, one of the best Jedi and one of the most popular characters out of the prequel trilogy, does not receive enough recognition for his power and his anti-climactic end.

A series of prequels that revolve around a young Mace Windu, living his life and becoming one of the best Jedi to date, could attract some fans. The possibilities for the cameos of other Star Wars characters like Yoda, Qui-Got Jinn and others could also add some excitement.

4. Finn and Poe Dameron

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Another character arc that the new trilogy could not answer. Since its first appearance in The awakening of the force Poe and Finn have been subject to many fan theories and questions about their relationship.

Maybe a Disney + show about their adventures together and a deep look at their relationship (whether romantic or platonic) could attract millions of fans who want to know what will happen to both of them. Star Wars characters

5. Rey

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

The 9th movie left Rey’s story open-ended for another movie but it is highly unlikely we will see it unless we do in 30 years as we did with the original trilogy. Rey was the star of the new trilogy, showing promise and power Luke nor Anakin showed and she made us love Star Wars again with her sense of adventure and knowledge of the force.

Rey like Luke and Anakin was eager to learn to control her power and the ninth movie left a lot of her heritage out as well as put an abrupt halt to her character arc.

We could all agree that we would jump at the opportunity to watch her adventures continue in a spinoff show.

6. Luke Skywalker

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

As one of the most powerful Jedi that came out of the Star Wars Franchise, Luke is a powerful and complex character with a lot of potential for his own show. However, there are some gaps (19 years between Revenge of the Sith New Hope) and (20 years between the return of the Jedi The awakening of the force ), a Disney + program could help fill Luke’s gaps and his life.

With an Obi-Wan show already in progress, that could cover Luke’s first years of life, but many fans also want to know what Luke was doing for more than 20 years before the events of the new trilogy. It would be an intriguing and perhaps action-packed show with answers to questions that the movies could not answer. Star Wars characters

7. Count Dooku

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

One of the best characters that come out of the prequel series is the predecessor of Darth Vader. What the movies lack is to give Count Dooku a solid backstory and a look at his life before becoming a Sith Lord. We know he is a skilled combatant, we know he was a Jedi and also the master of Qui-Got Jinn. But we don’t know anything else.

A program could answer the old questions we have had about the character and a younger version of Count Dooku could make us fall in love even more with the character.

8. Chewbacca 

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Chewie has always been a fan favorite and a very adorable character due to his comic responses and dialogue between characters. He is a giant Wookie with many abilities, but he chooses to spend his time with Han Solo and the rest of the gang to protect the galaxy.

Have you ever wondered why? A series of prequels could answer all those questions, as well as go into more detail about Chewie as a character and the Wookies that formed his clan long before Han Solo and the group. Star Wars characters

9. Anakin Skywalker

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off

Anakin Skywalker is one of the most knowledgeable characters of all Star Wars universe and for some fans one of the least favorite. Better known as Darth Vader, Anakin was not always Mr. Sith half man half machine or the arrogant and arrogant padawan we saw in the prequels. He is something much more.

A show about Anakin before his rise to the worst villain in history and a deeper look at teenage Anakin Skywalker could help us look at him differently and gain more respect for him as a hero.

10. Captain Phasma


11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off


One of the most common critiques of the new Star Wars trilogy is how little it takes advantage of Gwendoline Christie’s intriguing character, Captain Phasma. She might be better as a mystery, but we can’t control our desire to know everything about her. She’s one of the only women ever shown so high up in rank on the dark side, so her journey is something we definitely want to see.  Star Wars characters

11. Lando Calrissian

11 Star Wars characters Who deserve their own spin-off


Lando is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, and Donald Glover proves he deserves his own movie with his incredible performance in “Solo.” Give him a movie! Even if it’s just Lando talking to the camera for three hours, it would be good. 

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