She Hulk
Disney Confirmed She Hulk , Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight Marvel Series

A month after announcing the Phase 4 slate at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios has confirmed the upcoming three new series in the works for Disney+ at D23: She HulkMoon Knight and Ms. Marvel. Marvel head Kevin Feige revealed the news Friday at D23 in Anaheim during a Disney+ panel touting the upcoming streaming service.

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He told that Bruce Banner is no longer the only person who has the  gamma ray powered around. She-Hulk — AKA attorney Jennifer Walters, cousin to Bruce Banner, whose blood transfusion was responsible for her powers — which first appeared in 1980’s The Savage She-Hulk No. 1, and was the last major Marvel character co-created by Stan Lee. After her original series ended after two years, she became a member of both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four as the character developed more of a distinct personality from her male counterpart, gaining a stronger sense of humor and intelligence and deciding that she preferred being super-strong and green permanently — or, at least, as much as possible. 

Moon Knight — who showed up as a good guy in 1975’s Werewolf by NightNo. 32 — is the vigilante alter ego of mercenary Marc Spector, but it’s actually more complicated than that: Spector also has a couple of other alter egos (millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley) that may or may not be separate, alternate personalities, and the same may be true of Khonshu, the Egyptian deity who is either guiding Spector through his costumed adventures or a figment of Spector’s imagination. In recent years, another persona has emerged: “Mr. Knight,” a police consultant who dresses in all white and wears a mask while solving unusual crimes.

Ms. Marvel is in development with British writer Bisha K. Ali to write and act as showrunner.


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