Quicksilver Won’t Return Anytime Soon Says Aaron Taylor-Johnson To ScreenRant

Quicksilver Won't Return Anytime Soon Says Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Recently, ScreenRant had the chance to speak with Aaron-Taylor Johnson and touched upon his work as Quicksilver. It was there the actor said both he and Marvel Studios are open to any possibility, but he does not believe he will resume the role of Pietro anytime soon.

The orphaned Maximoff twins loathed Tony Stark and the Avengers due to an experience that they had in their early childhood. Eventually, HYDRA recruited Pietro and Wanda to be issued in an experiment that gave them their superpowers. While great abilities were developed by Wanda, Pietro gained the capability of superhuman speed. The two eventually switched sides to help the Avengers defeat Ultron with Pietro forfeiting his life to protect Hawk-Eye and a kid\. But at the MCU, characters usually return from the dead, such as Loki, so it is likely that Quicksilver may return, too.

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In case Quicksilver does return to the MCU, though, it won’t happen any time in the future. Taylor-Johnson denies any plans for his come back. This is despite several upcoming Disney projects that may make it happen, including WandaVision and What If…? Though Taylor Johnson did not eliminate the chance for Quicksilver hanging, he was adamant that Marvel has not approached him about it, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

He said: “I think we’re both open to chances, such as the Marvel Universe like it’s been through time, but obviously yes, I am alert to this Disney platform and all of the shows which are moving and I’m still in touch with lots of the folks. I mean I think that it’s safe to state no, I am never gonna… there will be no overall look of me arriving out or Quicksilver emerging anytime soon.”

Instead, TaylorJohnson is busy with other endeavors ( such as the coming A Million Little Pieces. Taylor Johnson perhaps not just stars in the picture but also co-wrote the script. A Million Little Pieces), predicated on James Frey’s controversial memoir about a recovering alcohol and drug addict, is led by the actor’s wife, Sam Taylor Johnson. It releases on Dec. 6.

Taylor Johnston has previously said he would be enthusiastic about reprising his position as Quicksilver when Marvel asked him to come back. There is certainly a requirement for its personality, lots of fans were disappointed with just how little screen time he’s in the MCU.

At the very least Evan Peters got more screen time from the Quicksilver role as a portion of the X-Men franchise. Disney now owns the film rights into this x men, though, to ensure the world will likely get yourself a reboot.  It remains to be viewed, although that may cause a chance for Taylor-Johnson to return since Quicksilver. That means something is for sure: the yield into this MCU of Quicksilver won’t happen anytime soon.

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