Star Wars : The Origin of Obi-Wan’s High Ground Line Revealed

Star Wars : The Origin of Obi-Wan's High Ground Line Revealed
Star Wars : The Origin of Obi-Wan's High Ground Line Revealed

Finally, we have an explanation for the Origin of Obi-Wan. “I have high ground” Moment, courtesy of Lucasfilm doubles coordinator/fight choreographer Nick Gillard. As a result, there is a pretty funny story behind one of the most important moments in the Skywalker saga of nine episodes and is derived from a mundane journey to a restaurant.

During Star Wars : Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Culminating duel with lightsabers between Obi-Wan Kenobi and the newly converted Anakin Skywalker, the two former friends face each other across a bright lava river on the fiery planet of Mustafar. Suddenly, Obi-Wan jumps to a safe place on a nearby hill, telling Anakin to give up since now “It has the high ground. Driven by his arrogance induced by the dark side, Anakin makes a bold leap to his former mentor, only to be cut and thrown to the shore on fire. From here, it catches fire while Obi-Wan watches, leaving him in a state where he requires Darth Vader’s iconic black armor to maintain his life.

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In an interview with IGN commemorating the launch of Star Wars : The Rise Of Skywalker Nick Gillard says that the idea of ​​this classic moment came when he and Hayden Christensen (who plays Anakin in Attack of the clones Y Revenge of the Sith) They went to eat something during filming in Australia. “We ate at this restaurant every night that was uphill, Gillard explained. “You could walk down the road and go down to this restaurant, or you could cross a steep bank towards it. For me, I always want the most direct route, so I go to the bank, and (Hayden) hates walking down a slope, so that was in my mind on the highest ground. If I can get (Anakin) on the slope, Obi could have a chance.

The moment would generate several memes over the years since Revenge of the Sith released in 2005, with images like Obi-Wan injecting into the discussion between Tony Stark and Loki during the climax of The Avengers boast of his legendary “raised ground. “Many fans also joked about how the Jedi Master was able to survive a similar situation in his duel against Darth Maul in Star Wars : Episode I – The Phantom Menace, where the It was on the ground floor. A reference would be made later in episode 5 of The Mandalorian, where the titular character affirms that his last mark will not renounce his position in “The high ground.

Just to think, this moment was triggered because Hayden Christensen didn’t want to climb a slope. Perhaps if Anakin had followed his actor’s example and had come a long way, he would have avoided spending the rest of his life trapped in a heavy life support suit. On the other hand, fans wouldn’t have been able to see Anakin enclosing Darth Vader’s iconic armor, so thanks to Christensen and Nick Gillard for coming with this classic moment in Star Wars history.

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