The Marvel Phase 4 Will Feature Several Evil Captain America

Evil captain america

Every fan of marvel is very excited what’s gonna happen in the next Phase 4. Even though  Steve Rogers is sadly out of the picture after the avenger’s endgame, the persona of Captain America will still be a huge part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in upcoming movies and TV shows.  Marvel’s Phase 4 will feature evil Captain America in multiple new characters, as ScreenRant pointed out.

At the End of avengers, endgame Captain America went to the past and return the stones. Also, he lived the rest of his life with Peggy and got the life what he deserves. Then he passed his shield to Sam Wilson, aka Falcon.

Captain America persona will actually play a major part in several upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe releases. Villainous characters in Black WidowThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Marvel’s What If…? will put on evil spin on Evil Captain America.

1.  US Agent

Evil captain america

Falcon was given the mantle of Captain America at the end of Endgame but it looks like the government has other plans. According to that 4chan leak, Falcon & Winter Soldier will follow the duo working with a government-sanctioned Evil Captain America, who might turn out to be the MCU’s version of John Walker aka U.S. Agent.

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This certainly could be an interesting approach for Sam to wrestle with Cap’s legacy and the weight of the mantle. In the recent comics, the U.S. Agent has actually crossed paths with the shield-wielding Sam Wilson. Perhaps we even get tie-ins to the Bradley family, particular Elijah Bradley who was revealed in the comics to be another super-soldier success story.

As always, take 4chan leaks with a massive grain of salt. SDCC and D23 aren’t too far away so we might get an official reveal for the show’s plot by then. It will be interesting to see what direction they take with this show, as it offers many potential crossovers with other MCU properties. If they do go the Nuke route, they would confirm that the Defenders series are not a part of the current MCU 616 universe.

2. Red Guardian

Red Guardian Evil Captain America

The persona of Captain America will also inform the main plot of Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow. David Harbour is set to play Alexei Shostakov in the film, who is the comic-book character that became Russia’s counterpart to Captain America, Red Guardian. The KGB trained Alexi to become the second Red Guardian, a special costumed agent who was intended to be the Soviet Union’s counterpart to Captain America. During the years of his training, Shostakov became a cruel, ruthless man, very different in personality from what he was while living with his wife.

Since Red Guardian fought against Black Widow and Captain America in the comics, it seems likely that he will be the villain of Black Widow. Marvel has also teased that Red Guardian has a history with Black Widow, which comic-book fans already know, but I won’t spoil it here since it will likely be a major twist in the movie. Black Widow will hit theaters on May 1, 2020.

3. Zombie Captain America

Zombie Captain America

One of the most ambitious new Marvel project is Marvel’s What If…?, which is set to be released on Disney+ sometime in 2021. The non-canonical series will explore various divergent universes within the MCU that explore what could have happened to the world if one major thing had been changed. One of the new episodes will put a dark spin not only on Captain America, but the rest of the Avengers as well, as it adapts the Marvel Zombies limited series comic. The story sees all of the heroes transforming into zombified versions of themselves, ravenous for human flesh. This will definitely not be the Steve Rogers that fans have come to love!


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